we source

Smart HQ-Data

High-Quality Data:

  •  Clean from any source

  •  Secure

  •  Individualized

  •  Full user privacy

  •  In real-time

  •  Reliable

  •  Smart

The potential of HQ-Data is unlimited for enhancing businesses, as well as their processes and services. Using HQ-Data will impact the future way of understanding human behavior at different time and space scales.
And Tess-Inn technology allows users to regain control of their data with total transparency.

and we protect it with

Ai-Predictive Cybersecurity

The strongest cybersecurity foundation based on Artificial Intelligence to protect users, IoT, and their data

for an innovative

HQ-Data Marketplace

Where users take control over their data to earn extra compensation

with Tess, the first all-in-one Smart Data-Broker