about us


The future is here, we are being transformed by technology and is our collective responsibility to transform technology to embrace the future we want with a human-centric approach.

 How to accomplish the purpose of innovations if we can’t assure a secure environment and a level of privacy that allows users to enjoy their digital world?


Tess-Inn is a deeptech project with the mission to bring back control of the privacy to the users while interacting with a safer internet and empowering them to manage their data to promote the new digital economy.

With our cutting-edge proprietary technology, citizens decide what, when, and whom to sell their data, without jeopardizing their privacy. 


If we all produce valuable data, let’s make it open for everyone!

Meet our team


Business strategist, ecosystem builder, team leader, designer of an innovative HQ-Data marketplace as the foundation for transparency in the digital economy

Oscar Puentes, MBA

CEO & Cofounder

Cybersecurity expert, developer of four new patents, transforming the cybersecurity framework to provide a powerful source of granular data with the integration of the best deeptech

José Antonio Enrique, Inventor

CTO & Cofounder

Scientist who applies concepts and methods of complex systems to study phenomena of social/economic sciences. Data mining/science, modeling, simulation and network science

Juan Carlos Correa, PhD

Data Science Advisor

Economics & organizational advisor on social complex systems, improving relationships between humans, technology and organizational processes for private and public institutions

Prof. Juan Mancheño, PhD-c

Complex Systems & Organizational Advisor

We are assembling an interdisciplinary talented team with experienced scientists, executives, and innovators with high levels of engagement. Our team has diverse backgrounds joining together experience and knowledge over the different business, science, and technological skills.

The polyvalent skills and expertise support the development of the project from different perspectives but with the mission to improve the user’s experience to a new level.

Aiming to provide the best secure foundation for innovations, we help to shape the next web that grows on user satisfaction, using the best tech from a wide ecosystem.

We imagine technology as the next driver for a society, where humans cross the level of development, and technology helps society to manage the new challenges with benefits for all stakeholders.