HQ Data Marketplace

TESS will be the marketplace of HQ Data,

where users take control over their privacy

and earn a stable income with maximum security and transparency

What is HQ Data?

The problems with data quality don’t only begin with incorrect data; data that is inconsistent is a problem as well.

Data is generally considered high quality if it is “fit for [its] intended uses in operations, decision making and planning”. Moreover, data is deemed of high quality if it correctly represents the real-world construct to which it refers.

Tess patented technology harvest clean, pure granular data from any source connected to a network. We match these attributes and eliminate the data cleansing phase + add value to the pipeline by including data preparation processes, to produce the purest and most reliable outcome for smart data analytics that buyers can use effectively: doing more with less time and resources.

         not all DATA is created equal

     not all MARKETPLACES offer the same


Sell your data with total confidence and transparency

  • Earn a regular extra income
  • Total privacy control on your side
  • Assisted by your Smart Data-Broker
  • You decide which data to sell and when
  • Revoke any time
  • You decide your level of privacy or customize according to your own rules
  • Receive a detailed report about the process



Buy high quality data with total convenience

  • No clean process needed
  • Receive structured, tagged data
  • You can purchase pre-structured datasets
  • Flexible data queries
  • Real-time results
  • Save time and operational costs
  • Work with real data from original sources