HQ Data Marketplace

it's YOUr data

earn a stable income from it

Each minute electronic devices are collecting data from you all day long, capturing with great detail who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing.


Data is the new oil, many organizations need your data to provide better products and services that make your life better, but the exchange of your data is being done without acknowledging the provider within the equation: you.


We want to bring back the power of this useful resource to the user, with a strong foundation on security, privacy, and transparency.


With our marketplace, you will be able to sell your data and earn an extra income just by doing the same that you do every day online, but with your full consent and awareness.

Our technology can aggregate your data and place it in the marketplace where data providers and buyers meet.


Buyers will acquire high-quality data in compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations, bringing superior transparency for all, and you’ll receive a compensation, no secrets in this integrative business model.


Let’s make data open to anyone, it’s your data, it’s your decision.

TESS will be the marketplace of HQ Data,


where users take control over their privacy


and earn a stable income with maximum security and transparency


What is HQ Data?

The problems with data quality don’t only begin with incorrect data; data that is inconsistent is a problem as well.


Data is generally considered high quality if it is “fit for [its] intended uses in operations, decision making and planning”. Moreover, data is deemed of high quality if it correctly represents the real-world construct to which it refers.


To ensure data quality companies are investing huge amounts of resources and time to make data useful. Some of the processes to convert raw/dirty data into quality data include data cleansing, standardization, profiling, and matching.

To be considered ‘High-Quality’, data must meet the attributes of:

  •  Accuracy and Precision
  • Legitimacy and Validity
  • Reliability and Consistency
  • Timeliness and Relevance
  • Completeness and Comprehensiveness
  • Availability and Accessibility
  • Granularity and Uniqueness


Tess patented technology harvest clean, pure granular data from any source connected to a network. We match these attributes and eliminate the data cleansing phase + add value to the pipeline by including data preparation processes, to produce the purest and most reliable outcome for smart data analytics that buyers can use effectively: doing more with less time and resources.

         not all DATA is created equal


     not all MARKETPLACES offer the same


Sell your data with total confidence and transparency

  • Earn a regular extra income
  • Total privacy control on your side
  • Assisted by your Smart Data-Broker
  • You decide which data to sell and when
  • Revoke any time
  • You decide your level of privacy or customize according to your own rules
  • Receive a detailed report about the process



Buy high quality data with total convenience

  • No clean process needed
  • Receive structured, tagged data
  • You can purchase pre-structured datasets
  • Flexible data queries
  • Real-time results
  • Save time and operational costs
  • Work with real data from original sources