Introducing TESS:


the first ALL-IN-ONE

Home Smart·Data Broker

Tess is the smart device that collects your data with your full consent and privacy, and place it in the HQ Data Marketplace.


By offering your data to buyers, you will receive compensation with total transparency.


Your virtual assistant is here to advise on the level of privacy desired: you decide what, how, and when you want to offer your data, it’s your decision!, period. Configure it by your own rules, just talk to your personal Smart Data-Broker.


No previous knowledge required, just plugin and Tess will start to assist you in the amount of compensation available. You can check your account anytime and audit your growing earnings.


Tess is also your best internet guardian, not only covers your family’s privacy with Machine Learning capabilities, but it is also the all-in-one device you’ll ever need to manage your smart home while protecting your network with Ai-predictive cybersecurity.


No more passwords, our patented technology accurately identify all users with cutting edge biometrics, so you never need to remember or use complicated passwords again for secure hassle-free operations.
Start enjoying the Internet like never before!


Welcome to the future! Tess is the all-in-one solution that provides the simplicity of an Ai-voice interface assistant, that allows you to earn an extra income by selling your data, control your privacy, and manage ALL your digital world with uncomplicated total protection.

Developed with a New Security and Risk Mindset: 
adaptive security  as the foundation for developing a strong ecosystem and generation of trust among stakeholders

Tess Smart Data-Broker

with all the innovations to manage your digital world

Mines only HQ-Data

Voice signature/operation


RBSS Design (Redundant Biometric Signature System)

The most secure WI-FI

security + privacy = TRUST

Ai data broker assistant

Smart-Home Manager

Privacy Mentor

Predictive Cybersecurity Guardian

Network Keeper

The best Deep-tech with the best added value

Conceived with security and privacy by design, your Smart Data-Broker integrates the best deep technology to protect your data.

Tess’ secure open system platform will enable third-party fintech applications in a feature-rich ecosystem that will increase your profits.

Ai-Voice Assistant

  • Voice assisted Ai heart for the whole system
  • Full proactive assisted notifications
  • Machine learning
  • Play your music, watch your favorite videos, do smart shopping and, ask for assistance
  • So easy that a kid can interact with it, yet so powerful in safety

Privacy Mentor

  • Ai-Assisted privacy supervision
  • Solve privacy issues while preserving your anonymity
  • Bidirectional data traceability
  • No decryption or deep packet inspection
  • Parental control for your kids
  • Semantic analyzer for age rating control
  • Privacy by Design + GDPR compliance

Cybersecurity Guardian

  • Unrivaled smart Ai-protection
  • Proactive total anti-malware system
  • Assisted biometrics authentication
  • Precise and unalterable identification
  • Passwordless login
  • Granular + dynamic policies per user
  • Auto-updates for all software in the network
  • Apps supervision
  • Screening and prevention of malicious traffic in real-time, at any point on the network
  • Detection of new threats
  • Attacks prediction by heuristics

Network Keeper

  • The most secure WI-FI by AVAC: Assisted Voice Access Control to your network
  • Ai Network segmentation
  • Adaptive functional isolation
  • Mesh-Wi-Fi
  • Intelligent VPN
  • 100% audit of communications


  •  0 risk online transactions for the best buying experience
  •  All your devices (IoT), users and services interconnected seamlessly
  •  Auto-configuration: plug-in and forget
  •  All your software managed from 1 smart assistant
  •  Third-party apps license manager
  •  Easy apps installer and assisted configuration
  •  Intelligent home physical security (alarm/surveillance)
  •  Biometric human access control
  •  Binding of digital devices with unique biometric signatures
  •  Seniors companionship (emergencies)
  •  Pets and kids surveillance
  •  Allows user hyper-personalization and CXM in real-time
  •  Your bridge to 5G smart cities from home


  •  0 know-how or learning curve to operate
  •  Smart Ai/ML assistant to protect your privacy
  •  Preconfigured levels of privacy or customizable
  •  Level of privacy is your decision, the data broker explains and assists you
  •  User total control: revoke, register, select, anytime
  •  Earn compensation from 1st minute, fastest ROI hardware on the market
  •  Your data broker manages your account on the data marketplace
  •  Traceability of your data for peace of mind
  •  Earn cash or cryptocurrencies


our technology effectively prevents financial fraud


security certification for IoT devices


accurate research results with less time and resources


bridge between smart homes and smart cities

Identity Lifecycle

the most robust identity lifecycle

Digital Services Providers

we enable hyperpersonalization and CXM in real-time

Health / Security Services

instant contact with your health and safety providers


our technology sharply measures and manages the efficiency of smart devices for a sustainable environment